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Melbourne's housing is in crisis.

It's time to fix our housing crisis by getting our Governments at every level to make real changes.

Federal Government must:

  • Remove unfair negative gearing and capital gains tax hand-outs that benefit super wealthy investors and lock out people who want to buy their first home

  • Finance 500,000 new public and community housing dwellings around Australia

  • End its reliance on dodgy developer donations

Victorian Government must:

  • Cap rents to inflation so they don’t rise more than 2.5% a year

  • Mandate that 30% of big new developments are affordable homes

  • Introduce minimum standards for rental properties

  • End its reliance on dodgy developer donations

Local Government must:

  • Have real control over planning decisions that reflect the needs of local communities

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Why is this important?

Melbourne is facing a housing crisis.

An Anglicare report has found that fewer than 1% of rental homes in Melbourne are affordable for people on Newstart or Austudy.

Rents are skyrocketing, but there is no long-term security for renters. 

Buying a home seems like an inaccessible dream for too many young people.

Meanwhile, two years of inaction from Victorian Labor have left waiting times for public housing even longer than under the Liberals.

We need to make housing for people, not for big developers.

Make Housing Affordable

It's not smashed avocado that's locking a generation out of owning a home. 

In 1985, a home in Melbourne cost 3 times the median wage. Now, it's 9.7 times. 

It has become far too hard for first home buyers and renters to find quality housing near where they work, play and take their kids to school. This means long commutes, less time and higher transport costs. 

Housing is being treated like an investment, not a home. We need to fix the system now if we want to stop entrenched housing inequality in our city.

  • Our plan:

    1)     End negative gearing

    2)     End the capital gains tax discount on investment properties

    3)     Tax vacant residential properties

    4)     Introduce a mandatory quota of 30% affordable housing in all new big developments

    Click here to read more about our plan to fix housing.

Housing for all

Every night, right here in one of the richest nations in the world, 105,000 Australians don’t have a place to call home. That’s one in every two hundred people. 

Since 2012, the number of rough sleepers in Melbourne has more than doubled.

Meanwhile, the 33,000 Victorians in need of public housing are being forced to wait for years -- and waiting times for urgent housing are going up. 

Every person in our city should have a home.

  • Our plan:

    1)     Build 500,000 new public and community housing dwellings around Australia

    2)     Create an innovative new Federal Housing Trust to fund 500,000 new public and social homes over 15 years

    3)     All homes acquired for the East West link to immediately become public housing 

    4)     Build 1,000 public housing homes in E-Gate

    5)     Stop the privatisation of public housing

    Click here to see more about our plans for public housing.

Protect Renters

More than 5 million Australians rent their home, and yet we have one of the most expensive and yet unregulated rental markets in the world.

Our rental market is broken and it’s time to take urgent action to improve the conditions for those Melburnians who live in private rental housing.

As more people now see renting as their only housing option, the time to improve the rights and conditions for renters is well overdue.

  • Our plan:

    1)      Control rents to stop prices ballooning

    2)      Implement minimum standards for rentals

    3)      Introduce European-style long-term leases

    4)      Landlords must give longer notice for long-term renters

    5)      End ‘no-grounds’ evictions

    6)      Give renters the right to hammer nails in walls and own pets

    Click here to read more about our plan to fix housing.

Liveable cities for people

Cities should be built for people, not for property developers. 

We can build quality, affordable, and sustainable housing and make sure all Melburnians have access to the green open space, community facilities, heritage and vibrant culture that make our city a great place to live.

  • Our plan: 

    1)     Appropriate and sustainable medium-density development along public transport corridors 

    2)     Require a mix of housing types for people to live in - not just small one-bedroom apartments in skyscrapers for investors

    3)     Create a Metropolitan Planning Authority to coordinate planning for Melbourne

    4)     Require developers to provide community amenities 

    5)     Invest in public transport and open green space 

    6)     Create advisory groups to bring public housing residents and people experiencing homelessness into decision-making 


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